What an "Avalanche Rescue" application is?

It's an application for mobile phones with ANDROID operating system, which will be able to detect being caught by an avalanche (by analysing data from accelerometer and magnetometer sensors) and act accordingly (eg. send SMS with GPS coordinates, start emitting sound signals to make localizing victim easier, etc.). The motivation to make this software is to slightly increase mountain safety by zero cost.

The project is currently at the first phase - collecting the data about other activities, which are typically performed in the mountains. There is an application designed for collecting this data - SensorLog. You can download it below.

You can help too! - install this application on your phone and start gathering data.

The project is realised as an Master Thesis at Institute of Informatics of Warsaw University.


  • [2011-03-10] presentation (in polish) about this project available at slideshare
  • [2011-03-08] version 1.3 - fixed CRITICAL bug. Please UPGRADE


click for downloading SensorLog click for downloading SensorLog

SebsorLog Application helps collectiong data, which will be used afterwards to find (and train) the most successful algorithm to detect avalanches. The basic concept is to be able to discern all "typical" mountain activities and being caught by an avalanche. And for that I need activities' samples made by various people, in varying terrain and conditions. I hope to get avalanche data from WSL-Institut für Schnee- und Lawinenforschung SLF.

Application does not violate user privacy. The only data send is: accelerometer data, user data given while registering (age, sex, login, email), app version and phone IMEI number (to show the results page).

Latest application version is: 1.3. You can learna bout changes made in different versions at "SensorLog" subpage.

You can download application HERE

After sending the data you will be able to see the visualisations (charts): like here.

Warning - as for now there is only polish version of application. If you are a foreigner and want to participate in reaserch - send me a mail and I will prepare english version right away!


If you want to contact me, send mail at: nalajcie+avl[at]gmail[dot]com.